Not the Transit in question
Not the Transit in question
Photo: Ford AU

On my drive to work this morning, I saw a Transit van on the side of the road with a severe case of lost wheel and a poor schmuck with a confused face on the driver’s seat. Once I got closer, I noticed that the left rear axle was missing not just the wheel, but also the brake rotor, caliper, caliper bracket, hub, and axle shaft. I wondered how this van managed to pull off such a feat, and then I found the wheel with the aforementioned missing parts still attached to each other about 50 yards down the road. I wanted to take a picture, but that would’ve required me stopping at an intersection, plus the driver was looking at me with a face that screamed “My day done got fucked up bad.”

Still impressed by what I saw, I searched online for similar stories from other people, and found that Ford had a recall on dual-wheel MY2015 Transits to replace rear axles. However, the stranded Transit from this morning wasn’t a dually. Another recall covers just the driveshaft giubo. I did not stop to check if the driveshaft had also gone AWOL.


Is this a "thing" happening frequently on Transits?

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