Los Angeles Adventure (Wrecked my Skyline)

That’s not quite the picture I was ever hoping to see and i’m sure none of you who are familiar with this car probably wanted to.

I went to LA, from Vegas, to do a one take for Smoking Tire. When we finished and I was leaving I didn’t see the red light at the intersection here. It was a strange intersection that went into a tiny highway entrance and I slammed right into a Mercedes.


My room mate who was with me and I are OK and so is the other driver.

Living in Vegas and I wreck my only transportation in LA was an experience. Basically shipping my car back to where I was I would have to have it stored at the lot it was towed to for a significant amount of time racking up lot fees while I wait to ship the car at $550-$700 after that. I had a shipped this exact car from LA for around that price when I got it.

Instead I decided to do it myself. So I rented a Ram 2500 at Enterprise and rented a car dolly from U Haul. It ended up costing around $500 to do that but I avoided all the lot fees. Having never pulled a car like this was interested up and down the mountains and hills on the 15. People at the tow place were nice so they backed in this truck (would have taken me like a half hour to figure that shit out) and loaded the car onto it. All in all that part was uneventful.....

Now as far as the damage. I’m going to keep the car and try to repair it. I did not have full coverage on it so i’m getting no money to fix this so it will be a significant amount of time before it’s back on the road. The intercooler, radiator, driver side fender, hood, radfan and shroud, etc all needs to be replaced. Pretty much everything forward of the engine and the accessories. Car can start but it dies quickly because the accessory belt is obstructed from damage.


I don’t know what i’m going to do. I’m going to have to source a lot of parts so I guess i’m going to find out how difficult it is to get parts for this car. I am considering just buying one of those front clips that you usually see for sale. Like one of these (this is a GTR)


I wanted to keep the car GTS-T in appearance but if I have to get GTR stuff like hood and lights then whatever at this point. Just got to do what I need to.


It’s going to be a while to fix this because I just simply don’t have the budget for it right now. It also scratches off the “2nd JDM import” that I was going to go halves on with my dad.

If you have any suggestions on anyone I could source parts from let me know. I won’t be doing this right away.


edit: Since posting this I have found several sites that seem to have what I need to take on fixing this. Probably going to order something like this below in the next few weeks. Pretty much all the damage I have is repairable if I can get this. Emailed the companies to see what shipping would be. Surprisingly the cost of this isn’t too ridiculous. This example below is $700.

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