I am new to the Los Angeles area and am looking to put together a mailing list of the local Oppos to coordinate some meetups and/or drives with people. So feel free to shoot me an email (address at the bottom) to join the list. Anyone in the Socal area is welcome (or further if you want to come). Also, feel free to just post here on Oppo if you are in any way interested in following something like this. To start us out, I would like to coordinate a meetup in Malibu on a Sunday afternoon in the near future (February?). No idea what the plan would be but there are plenty of roads to try there, places to eat, car watching to do, or just hanging out at the beach to chat. Depending on what cars show up could determine how serious we are about doing a drive. Even a simple cruise down the PCH would be fun.

My trusty chariots

WHAT: Oppo meetup LA

WHERE: Malibu Kitchen (3900 Cross Creek Rd, Malibu, CA 90265)

WHEN (tentatively): Sunday Feb 4th ~11am

CONTACT: rduncan5678@gmail.com