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Losing my roommate. Time to ponder life things.

My roommate is moving back to Illinois. We both moved to CA in Feb 2013 to work in aerospace. Having both started within a week of each other, our leases both came up at the same time and pooled resources on renting a house in Feb 2014. At this point, she’s kind of like a sister. Due to career and life stuff, she’s moving out.

My setup is pretty good. Pros: 3br/2ba house, 1 of the bedrooms is fully kitted as a guest room, 1 car driveway, 1 car garage, room for my tools, granite countertops, gas stove, the landlord is very chill, and inexpensive for the Bay Area at $2200/mo. Cons: it’s in a crappy area, I could use more garage space for projects, it’s a lot of money for one person to burn every month without building equity, the neighbors are loud and annoying, the backyard is annoying to maintain, it’s within an ear shot of BART (loud), and right next to I80 (loud).


But as I mentioned, $2200 is a lot to money to burn every month. It has me pondering life stuff. I don’t have a downpayment for a house (at least not without selling everything I own), so most traditional buying opportunities would mean taking mortgage insurance - which also feels like burning money. Anywhere I move to also limits dating viability. Which sucks right now anyways, I guess.

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