Loss & Grief in the Modern Age

So, something that I have been struck by over the past year is how fucked up our modern age is. I lost my childhood dog, had my Fiesta’s brake damaged by a shop and had our CX-3 stolen.

What do those events have in common? Photos. I either took a lot of photos of my dogs last day or photos of damage to my cars. What else do they have in common? Google making me sad.


Many of you use Google photos I’m sure. You get the automatically compiled albums, music videos and gifs that are sometimes made from your pics.

In each of the scenarios above, Google Photos has gone and made what I would call, a breathtakingly inappropriate video of my grief.


Like this one they made today from my photos yesterday.


After a shitty event, Google is pretty much like: “Hey COFL, how about a video of your dogs last day set to jazzy music?”


Uh...no thanks Google.

And the worst part is it does this for DAYS after the photos are taken. Gifs, photos with filters automatically added, gifs, photo albums.  All sent to me with a push notification reminding me of how shitty things currently are.


This modern technological dystopia isn’t just limited to photos from my phone. I can’t visit a site without ads for the Sportwagen that I may not get now showing up or ads for CX-3's (researching value). I was also thinking about CB’s recent post about Facebook uploading pictures of him and his ex to Facebook’s dating app.

I don’t have social media, but I can’t ditch google. I wish as a society we could tell tech companies to fuck off.

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