So a week ago, I installed a Neuspeed Pflo short ram air intake on my 2002 GTI 1.8T. Then when I needed gas, i filled up about 3 gallons, just a splash and dash. A few days later, I was back at the Fuel level low light. I thought it was strange. But I chalked it up to spirited driving for my bad mileage. I filled up with exactly 3 gallons again and set my trip odometer so I could test my mpg. I then drove very passively and never exceeded 3500 RPM for the next few days. Today I hit the fuel low light again, and I only have 50 miles on since my last fillup. So I went from roughly 24 MPG city to 16 MPG city. 

Heres the wierd part. I have no CEL, car runs great, and I checked my fuel lines, and I found no leaks or smelled no gas smell at any time while driving the car. I smelled gas in the cabin for a while a few days ago, but I have not smelled gas since.

Any Ideas? The new Intake shouldn't hurt gas mileage by 8 MPG.