"It ain't easy"

That's what a Friend and Pub owner would say anytime someone asked how he was doing.

I lost my best friend and navigator "Iggy" last night.

Here's a pic of Iggy (left) and MoMo (his mom) breaking in a new bed.


This summer was looking promising. A recent move to the "Country", a new job, "new" house, new to me truck and most important a reduction in stress. The last 5 years were, off. "Malaise" is a term that comes to mind but they weren't that bad as long as I could take off with the Dogs for a few days and forget about everything except turning left or right at the next Stop sign.

I'm a wanderer. When someone asks about my hobbies I usually tell them that I'm obsessed with burning dead Dinosaurs. It's more complicated than that though. I love modifying my vehicles, I love my Dogs and I love "Small Town" USA.

There's never a destination, I pick a direction and get lost. We've been everywhere and nowhere so many times I can't count. Turn the phone off, leave the GPS behind fill the tank and go. It's an expensive hobby for sure but it's unbelievably fun.

Our last trip as a Trio was for work up to St.Paul last month. We got kicked out of our Hotel room.. Turns out the Ramada up there isn't "Pet Friendly". Huh.


Not the best way to start what I hope will be a running travel journal I guess but you have to start somewhere.

The next, less depressing, post to Oppo will be for a planned trip to Galena, Il in mid April to meet a bunch of guys that my Pops went through Marine Boot with.