My best friend and I are equally hooked on vehicles of all types. When one of us gets a new one, the other gets it stuck in his head that he too must have a new toy. After I bought my E90, he bought a BRZ and barely waited past break in to strap on a supercharger so that he could keep up. Shortly after that he bought a Ducati Hypermotard, then I bought the Grom so we could ride together (sort of).

As some of you know, I just bought an Audi S3. So my pal decides hes going to sell the BRZ and get something else. Both of us thought it would take more than a few weeks to find a buyer for the BRZ as it’s nearly brand new and modded to high heaven. It took 6 days to sell, and 3 of those days were spent dealing with all of the BS that comes with selling a car privately (seeing the car, PPI, negotiation, transaction, title swap).

Friday he calls and says, “Yo, I need you to take me to the motorcycle store tomorrow after 1 pm so I can pick up my 2015 Yamaha YZF R1!” Not that I have to say this, but the bike is insane, I have never seen so many features on a motorcycle (full color display, ABS, TC, wheelie control, slide control, multiple riding modes, brake pressure display, suspension travel display .....) He offered to let me take it for a spin, I respectfully declined as I’ve go no business on a bike like that.

Anyway, obligatory “David and Goliath” photo, and one of the S3 and E46 for a splash of color.