I did not notice this at anytime before today. I was going through my weekend routine of looking through f1fanatic's FP1 & FP2 Bahrain GP pictures, and there it is, posted just under the air intake: #LongerLastingRubber. They must feel it a big deal for Lotus to run that, effectively nullifying Pirelli's logo car sponsorship; well, not entirely, because I didn't actually notice it until I found the decal myself, and none of the tv presenters are mentioning it.

The strange thing is, I thought Kimi didn't mind the new compounds.

Illustration for article titled Lotus Decal: #LongerLastingRubber

I'm finally coming to grips with the Pirelli tire debate as the Lotus' friction brings the rubber company up to temperature.

Here is a link to the full size picture if Kinja decides to eradicate the 'enlarge' button.

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