Lotus F1 is Best F1

Finally, a 2014+ Formula 1 car that isn't ugly: Lotus E23

I have mixed feelings about the livery. Definitely looks cleaner, but I grew quite fond of the previous "busy" designs.


I'm a little disappointed Lotus switched to Mercedes power after only one bad season with Renault. As we saw with McLaren and Force India last year, the Mercedes power unit was not 100% all mighty. Especially with the engine development regulation loophole this year, I expect Renault to make up some ground.

2014 was such a disaster, it really made 2013 feel like a fantasy. If I set my expectations low for this year, poor results won't be as painful. I really want Grosjean to finish well, maybe even get his first win, and hopefully Maldonado can score more than 1 point while doing his thing. If the going gets rough, I'll rewatch races from 2013 to cheer myself up. It's sounding like some other teams, like Williams, are having a tough time with their aerodynamics because of the new noses, so hopefully Lotus can leap frog the others and be front runners next year.

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