Lotus F1 team principal Eric Boullier revealed that his Team will not be able to attend the first test days of the 2014 F1 season in Jerez, Spain. The new Lotus E22 apparently takes more time in development and first assembly as planed and will be tested by Grosjean and Maldonado for the first time in Bahrain.
Interestingly he also claimed that Lotus won't be the only team sitting on the sideline: "You will see: we are not the only team that won't be in Jerez. That's a fact. I know it for sure."

As Renault is the engine supplier of choice for the struggling team and as it has been rumored that Renault will not be able to supply their teams with finished/reliable engines for the first test, I am sure he knows of problems at Red Bull, Torro Rosso or Caterham with the new car.

We will see in about three weeks when the new season kicks of in Spain on January 28.


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