I have the solution (I just want a modern Carlton).

So as we all know Lotus is doomed and by this time next week they will be gone and if not next week definitely the week after so how do we save them from their inevitable doom. Well right now Lotus's problems stem from it's cash flow in other words they aren't making enough and are spending too much. For starters I don't want Lotus to quit building cars nor do I want them to start building SUVs... well their own SUVs.

Back in the old days when Malaysia was mostly Jungle, Lotus used to race cars successfully and in their spare time make other people's cars faster and while they no longer race successfully they still do that for Proton their slave ma... I mean owners.


Here is an example, it is called the Proton Satria something or other and it is rubbish but it has been tuned by Lotus so it does actually drive well apparently. Either way there aren't many about and I doubt this really helped Lotus in any meaningful way regarding their finances. So what should they do.



No I'm serious. We all laughed at the Corolla Nurburgring edition with good reason but I'm sure people laughed when they heard that Lotus was making a Ferrari eater out of a Carlton but look how that turned out.


Now I'm only suggesting Toyota as I reckon that their main line up could do with a bit of sprucing up to go alongside their new collaboration with BMW and as you can see from this map, they're quite close geographically.

So all in all I reckon Lotus should start tweaking other people's cars again and not just the people who own them even though that did result in Carlton which I lust for.

Anyway what modern car do you reckon would make a good base for a modern Carlton?