With a new baby in the house and me finally returning to work, I’ve decided to not use my super loud alarm clock to wake up. I mean, you can hear that thing anywhere in the house it’s so loud. So I decided to use a song from my phone as a alarm. And it’s the song choice that I find humorous.

The song is Saloon by The Ongoing Concept, and it’s one of my favorite songs on the album (you can listen to it below). Intentionally I chose this song as a simple reminder when I’m awake; because it starts off really strong and it’s just a fantastic song. But needing a new alarm sound, I figured it would work for waking me up as well. Oh boy does it.

I also charge my phone on the nightstand right next to my head. So when 5 am rolls around I loudly hear “LETS DEAL THE CARDS AGAIN!!!” followed by guitar work and the vocalist acusing someone of cheating. So exactly like real life. Plus it makes me want to deal out cards now.