Loud Pipes...Save Lives?

Admittedly I’m not a fan of the “loud pipes save lives” mantra, it seems a rather silly approach to safety. That said, I still do like loud vehicles, so screw it. For nearly 100,000 miles, my smart practically had straight pipes. Now the Buell carries the torch...

Ground clearance is unchanged compared to the old muffler. However, this glasspack is centered on the frame and has a lot less surface area than the turbo muffler had. This should mean no scraping if I hit a bump in a curve and less scraping in general.


(Edit: Looks like I’ll want to change my mounting option, oof.)

Additionally, I mounted the glasspack directly to the bike with a beefy U-clamp, so if I do scrape, it shouldn’t immediately be a death sentence.

And finally, since the glasspack is about the same size as the factory exhaust, I can put on the panels that protect the drive belt. Plus the exhaust is no longer just an inch from the belt as well.

It sounds like a loud Harley mixed with a dirt bike. The popping and burbling when you let off the throttle is so addictive. At low throttle input it’s actually not any louder than the muffler it replaced, my neighbours should like that.


Total cost for this project was $40! Awesome!






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