My new district for work is Louisville Metro, I just started this week despite still living in Detroit. I drove 1700 miles in 5 days, but other than that Louisville was pretty cool. I saw: 2 dead stock 2JZ-GTE Supras, classic sedans in daily use all over the less wealthy areas, 60's trucks still pulling farm duty like they have for the past 40+ growing seasons, a car hauler full of new Hertz Mustangs, a trailer hauling 2 Nash Metropolitans, a car museum with an excellent collection that is part of a Chrysler dealer, a repainted but otherwise original 1964 300K,met 2 very cool AMC owners, talked to a parts manager that can quote AMC part numbers, a restoration shop with 2 pallets of crates from Lamborghini, and numerous houses with garages and cheap rent. I think I'll like it there