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Did I use this pic already? Can’t remember. Anyway...

Gotta keep reminding myself that I love old cars. I’ve figured out the problem with the AC: The mode switch has failed and won’t send the signal out to kick on the compressor. Since this car has automatic temp control (ATC) and ATC problems are legion, the supply of repair parts dried up decades ago. So I’ll have to make do with an improper repair, a switch on the dash to kick it manually, or more likely just kick it on and leave it on. The fuse-box cover is the whole bottom of the dash, a removable part that I can butcher without feeling too bad about it, so that’s where the switch will go. I need to magically shrink myself to get down under the dash where the wire is, though.


As soon as I got the AC charged, the fuel gauge quit. Reads E, with the low-fuel warning light on all the time. Crawled under and read the sending unit, and it ohms out to about what it should, so it ain’t that. There’s a low-fuel light module that I suspect (known as anti-slosh module in later cars) and I think I’ve figured out how to bypass it, but... I don’t know where it is.

Got a factory service manual and electrical troubleshooting guide coming, so that’ll tell me what I need to know on the fuel side. On the AC side, it’ll say replace the mode switch. And those are so rare they don’t even turn up on ebay anymore.

So, waiting for the FSM and dreading the credit-card statement. Screw it, I’m still glad I bought it.

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