The AC bootleg is installed and as pretty as it’s ever going to be:


Since the proper replacement part (ATC mode switch) hasn’t been available for 20 years, I rigged a switch to hot-wire the compressor circuit. Now it’s an ‘80s Japanese car. but I’ve got cold air.

The fuel gauge turned out to be a sunk float. Replaced the float (six bucks, direct replacement) and now the gauge works. And that’s the last of the major headaches.

There’s still some old car shit, like the left cornering lamp flickers with the turn signals and will prevent them from flashing if the headlights are on... but not if the bulb is removed. So that’s what I did for now.

Runs and drives sweet, starts every time. Laughs at potholes. I love this old barge.


Total investment: way too much, but IDGAF.

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