Never was too comfy with the JB Weld repair to the fuel tank. So I put a new one in. I was really surprised to see not one but two vendors selling tanks for this 31-year-old heap. So I got the Spectra rather than the Dorman. Spectra: tin plated (as original), Dorman galvanized & painted. The Ranger taught me galvanized & painted doesn’t hold up to NE Ohio winters.

While I was there, I put a new pump in, since the tank has to come out anyway and I really don’t want to do this twice. Found a NOS sending unit, since the old one was kind of buggy.


New fuel pump in the new tank. So shiny.

Didn’t take pics of the install, but it was a pain in the ass.

Old tank:

Not as crusty as I feared, but lots of incipient pinholes. You can see the JB pushing thru on the left.

The studs holding the tank in were a pain in the ass. Factory procedure uses long studs that are broken off after the tank is installed, because fuck anyone who has to do this. Thanks Ford.


This is the last niggling little thing that bothered me. Now the entire fuel delivery system is brand spankin new. Yay.

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