Love Handles

I know it slows me down. It wasn’t always like this. Hell, I wasn’t always like this. Daily chores most days are done without this bloated reminder seemingly throwing my fat mass right back in my face. But, once I start to drive fast is when it bothers me most, turn after turn my torso is painfully aware, I’m having to pull strength from elsewhere to make sure I can keep up on top of the car without losing too much feel for the road. Last year going around Pacific Raceways a driving coach told me I could be a second and a half to two seconds faster if I fixed this. TWO FUCKING SECONDS.

The easy fixes aren’t safe, nor are they cheap and that really puts it out of the question for me, a new father with twin boys who are barely 9 months old and starting to eat more than I am. I’ve talked to friends about how to take care of it, the best advice is the worst I want to hear. “Tough it out” I’m told. “The easy solutions aren’t worth it if things go bad.” They’re right and I know it.


About a month ago I saw a glimmer of hope. A small ad in Grassroots Motorsports offering me help in the areas I need it most. I could do that and make it work. You see, the easy solution is an expensive racing seat, holding me in as I dive for apex to apex.

Brake deep, hold it, don’t turn in too early....NOW!

A fully supported torso allows one to feel what a car is doing. Increasingly important in a world full of electric power assisted steering cars that would’ve called the Exxon Valdez communicative a decade or two ago. Keeping the airbags in my seats gives me the extra margin of safety I, my wife, and my children demand.

The item I saw is called the Bolster Boost.


It allows one the ability to go through corners quickly without sliding into a door panel or your passenger. They’re working on it becoming SCCA legal for most classes. Being able to forego expensive factory Recaro seats, which many times aren’t available, and not having to toss out the potentially life saving airbags is a dream come true for many adults who still feel the need for speed.

For those who have driven or ridden in a car both with and without racing seats, the difference is stark and undeniable.


Trying to Hang On!

I’ve reached out to this company and they’re getting ready to reboot a kickstarter campaign in the next few weeks. Please take an honest look at this product, especially if you drive aggressively on the track, autox or on a twisty road. It makes you a better driver while keeping your factory safety equipment.

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