Love it when a plan comes together...

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Customer just took delivery of this 2014 Fiesta ST. Getting a good deal was tough because inventory was limited and many dealers were not budging. Here is a very nice email that I received-



Just got back from buyng my new car. I had them pick me up so it was very convenient. The whole process was pretty easy, it just took some time to get all of the paperwork done.


The car drives great, handles well, the 6 speed transmission feels solid, and I have plenty of legroom and space for my head.

They tried to see if their financing could beat USAA's but it couldn't. Their finance guy tried some voodoo on me but I recalled an article written by you on Jalopnik about the games they try to play in the finance office and I recognized them immediately. He got me to a lower payment per month but at 15 more months and after doing some quick math on my phone it was nearly $6000 more than what I'd be paying with USAA. Out the door I paid $23745.50 with 0 down thanks to no sales tax and apparently an extra rebate for Washington State or something.


Other than the finance guy doing his thing the dealership was pretty nice and did not leave a bad taste in my mouth at all. They already had a quote ready for me and it matched what you sent to my email so I didn't have to haggle at all.

You definitely made the experience easy and convenient for me and for that I thank you. I'll make sure to let others know about you if they need a car but don't want to deal with the bullshit.



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