Love Me Some Full Sized Fords

I was going through the local classifieds when I found this. It's the first time I saw an LTD with the hidden headlights exposed too. The heart says a hell yes but logic (and finances) say a big hell no. Just by the pictures, the vinyl roof doesn't look to shabby either.


After seeing the rear, I'm starting to see where the downsized LTD got its tail lights from. I usually see posts about love for the GM B-Bodies but rarely for these big old Fords, be it this, the Galaxie or even a Custom 500. Why not some love for the blue oval yachts this time around?

Anyway, back to this LTD. This particular one just screams export model when you see the specs. It has a three on the tree manual and a low comp 260ci six. I have absolutely no idea how much power the six makes but I'm not betting on 200 horses.


If given the chance, what would you do with your imaginary money? I'd make mine a modernized sleeper. Out goes the six and in goes a 351 crate motor. I'm not sure if I'll make it a manual. Sure would be interesting if it would be a 5 on the tree stick. Then again I'm being delusional at the moment. Oh the things I would do with imaginary money.



I'd keep the vinyl roof AND the stay puft ride (with modern dampers)

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