Love me some winter sunsets

Went for a drive on Big Tujunga Canyon yesterday to see some snow, enjoy a nice twisty drive, and eventually try to take some photos. But I really like just driving during the sunset rather than stopping and then having to drive in the dark. So parking at the empty end of the mall parking lot had to suffice for photos instead. Car is very very dirty since I havent washed it in weeks but its okay, the lighting helps hide it.


Roof rack is on because this weekend Im doing my first ski trip of the season. Also why I didnt bother washing the car since its only gonna get dirtier on that trip anyways. Headed up to Death Valley NP to do some hiking tomorrow and then Sat/Sun skiing all day at Mammoth. Should be a fun weekend in the mountains!

Some quality hashtag no filter right here

I should be spending the whole weekend unpacking and organizing my new place but that sounds like a responsible thing to do. And Im not about that! That is later’s problem since for now its time for adventure.

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