Oh wait, except for now when it's because I have a fuel leak (I think). I have been doing research after people in my car complaining about a strong gas smell. I have a pretty bad sense of smell and am used to a little bit from my catless exhuast, so I didn't notice it right away. Turns out there was a recall on fuel lines for my 03 wrx that, in the cold, would cause the line to expand/contract to where it was losing fuel. To do the recall myself involves taking off the intake manifold, which is a bit of a bitch but mostly just time consuming.

I did read that all I have to do is tighten fuel clamps and it will fix it, but finding all of those when they are buried under the intake manifold is tricky. Hopefully through tightening clamps I can make the issue go away.

If I can't though, it's taking off the intake manifold. However before doing that it would be nice to know what are some good things to replace while in there. Of course there are tons of hoses that need to be replaced but knowing which ones and finding the part numbers is not something I want to spend my time doing right now. I can also add phenolic spacers to make the air in the IM colder. Beyond that I'm not too sure what would be good. It would be the perfect time to upgrade my injectors and turbo but, $$$$$$$.


/me thinking out loud