Lovely day for a drive

This morning I took a nice hike to check out some burn areas in Malibu from the Woolsey Fire. Since it was so nice out by the end of my hike, I figured I had to take a drive. I was nearby Piuma road, which is one of my favorites, so I headed there and enjoyed a scenic cruise for a bit. I was chased down by a McLaren which I then got to listen to and gawk at while I tried desperately to keep up. My snow tires were a bit of a detriment towards that end but I still had fun anyways. Lovely weather, clear skies, and plenty of fun cars abound. Here is the video:

And some more pictures:


Plenty more pictures to come from the hike! It’s not often this clear outside, the recent rains really helped make the views spectacular. A wonderful way to spend my day off for sure!

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