My fuel system showed up last week, Walbro 255 with -6AN fittings, AN braided line from the tank to the rail, rail AN fitting and Fuelab filter and FIC 950 injectors. I just need to drop the coin on an adjustable regulator.

Anyhow, made a few trips last night in the 1990 Eagle Talon TSi FWD that I’m sure most of you are familiar with, and it was exhilarating. My good buddy Andrew sold me a 1990 ECU that was socketed, so I threw my DSMlink chip onto that and now my tach works again!

I’d recently had a 1991-1994 ECU in it, in which case you swap around ECU pins 6 and 14 to work it. That means the tach dies whenever you hit the throttle. He came over and brought me this 1990 ECU and swapped those pins for me and off I went.


Before I go crazy into specifics, I must mention I’m at home instead of work. My freightliner semi blew the clutch out and I’m waiting on breakdown to fix it. This means one of my best buddies and I have had many Fat Tire Belgian beers, and gotten work done. I’ve down about eight beers, so if I have some typos in here, PLEASE disregard as I’m pretty anal about that stuff.

Updates - Casey’s 2G

Again, considering I’m kind of intoxicated, I’ll break this down into segments. Haven’t written updates here in a bit, and I feel it’s necessary since you’re my oppo family and DSM is life.

As of an hour ago, the motor for his 2G was on the floor. We have some heavy rock music blasting in the background, and it isn’t on the floor anymore. It’s actually in the car and bolted in by the mounts and the transmission is mounted up. We just need to hook up the fuel system and the electricals.

Additionally, we have removed the plastic body ducting to get ready to hook up a big ass front mount intercooler and send it. If you’re wondering why the valve cover goes from blue (the ugly one that was on the motor when he got it) to the nice black one I painted, we mounted it upon installing the motor to prevent damaging it.

It’s in!
Oh boy!
4G63, that combination CANNOT be beat
It’s cold as hell here, Carhartt coat, Fat Tire is gone and we’re down to whatever alcohol is left haha

Give it a few weeks and this 1999 GSX will break hearts. The motor had over 200,000 miles and we swapped in this freshly rebuild seven bolt, and painted up multiple surfaces on it. It has some nice upgrades Casey has elected to do, such as:

DSMlink V3, front mount intercooler, Big 16G, exhaust, 880 injectors and some other stuff.


Stay tuned!


As I said, the fuel system is here, but the weather has sucked. On a front wheel drive, you have two choices to do the fuel pump and both suck massively. The first is to drop the fuel tank, and the second is to use insanely tall jack stands and use fetus hands to remove the pump on the rear of the tank. Since my car is slammed on coilovers, neither option is particularly fun.


With that out of the way, it was 28 degrees Fahrenheit last night, and I went on a drive to meet a friend and went down some very empty desolate roads. Having a large front mount intercooler and a larger turbo, I have to give it a few hits. Indeed I did.

At 55 miles per hour in third gear, it would bust the tires loose and grip at about 65-70 and become a rocket. Someone in a Cruze turbo that had an exhaust attempted to “play” with me, and when he got a taste he really didn’t like it very much. Upon having a zip code put upon his face, he let off.


That brings me to my next point, I’m heavily excited to put my more upgraded fuel system on the car here shortly before she goes down for winter storage. My very good friend Andrew has been in the game forever like myself, and he’s a beast with tuning DSMlink. He’s going to help me get the tuning done and I should be knocking out around 400-425hp and probably toast the clutch as well. I don’t know what it runs now, but what I do know this this...

I’ve run several cars, and I’ve lost one race so far. For what it is, the Talon is a beast. When you drive a DSM, everyone wants a piece. The thing is, most people regret taking the bait once they have it.


As the joke goes, “what’s it like to lose a race? I don’t know because we drive a DSM”

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