Loving this gal!

I’ve had my new Jetta SportWagen TDI for a hair over a month and have put about 2k miles on it and love it so far!

I rolled it over 50k miles on the way home from work on Friday. This thing fits the bill for me perfectly, small enough it isn’t pain to drive on the highway or park in a shitty garage at work. Comfy for longer drives and decently efficient.


That big wagon ass is awesome too, fits all sorts of fun things that I haven’t been able to fit inside a car since I last owned a Suburban.

Bought a new bicycle last week too, plan on keeping it in the wagon and riding it during lunch at work when it warms up a bit. My focus hatch had room, but this thing is even better.


I get ~34 mpg over a tank on a 50/50 mix of highway city driving and during a work trip to KC and back last week I got 39 with the cruise set on 85 the whole way. Diesel is $0.70 more per gallon here so it works about even to my focus cost wise, but I got over 500 miles in that tank where it was all highway driving.

Next - install the Yakima roof rails I bought a couple weeks ago but it’s been too cold to install.

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