So last night I was having a weird/deep conversation with a college buddy about life (liberty and the pursuit of happiness). I've reached a point in my life where I'm generally unhappy for 90% of the day, every day. I go to a crap school that I hate, and I dorm there with people who aren't terrible but aren't friends either. Most of the people who attend are people I'd rather not associate myself with so besides the guy I was chatting with and my girlfriend, I don't really hang out with anyone at school. My major is geology. There's only one other person in the same field as myself and she's graduating after this semester.

The school already jerks us around by cancelling classes and threatening to drop the geology program all together. I'm on my fifth semester now and I've just had it with this school. I could go elsewhere but I'm kind of just had it with being in school altogether now, as my experience on a whole leaves me with a sour taste. It doesn't help that I'm also at a point where I don't care about geology anymore. Started out great but 5 semesters later and I'm burnt out on it.

I've been thinking about just taking a semester off to work and make money and maybe going back/going to a different school after a semester or a full year. Yet at the same time I'd go back next semester as a commuter and only take 2 or 3 classes instead of 5 or 6. And that might improve the experience tenfold but who knows.

Anyways, I do plan on getting a job this summer and working, hopefully full time. I don't really care where or doing what at this point, I just need money. And as such, I've given myself a goal. I have to get a job and, by next winter, have saved enough to buy a car, brand new. The budget is 20k but I'd go a little over that. The cars I'm looking at are mostly an Impreza (maybe WRX?), and Lancer SE AWC (AWD model with the exterior package ran me 22k, not awful really). Maybe a Mazda 3 as well.

Can anyone here think of what other decent new cars one could get for low 20,000$? Criteria: Japanese, not a Toyota/Honda.

TL;DR? College blows, I'm tired of sitting in someone else buttsweat.

Have some cars for yer time -