My wife wants to get a new car in the next year or two (if not sooner). However, she has previously said that I'm next to get a new car, given that she's had TWO new cars since I last got a car, and for one of her two, I gave up having my car. Therefore, I have the blessing to get myself a new ride.

My situation:

  • I have two kids, so minimum seating for four is required. A 2+2 may be acceptable.
  • Manual transmission is a requirement.
  • It must be fun!!!!
  • I don't drive much, and much of what I do is around town. I work from home full-time; I play dad's taxi a lot, but 98% of that is with one child, not two.
  • Previously, I had a 2007 Honda Civic Si sedan, which I immensely enjoyed. I shouldn't have gotten rid of it; prices for used examples with 60-100K miles are hovering within a few thousand of the 19,900 I paid for mine when new.
  • Price range: I have three target ranges, all with different thought processes.
  • Approx $35K: Used 2006-ish Porsche 911 or E90 BMW M3.
    Probably convertible if BMW, as an olive branch to my wife.
  • Approx $25K: New, possibly hot hatch. Focus ST, BRZ...
  • Approx $10K: Something that can tide me over until the Focus RS or new Mazdaspeed3 come out. Muddying it up a bit, this inexpensive alternative probably means I can afford to add a instrument rating to my private pilot license, a huge plus to me.

The biggest cost of a car is depreciation, though. What fits this mold while having its depreciation come largely from the miles put on it? That vehicle is my goal. If I put maybe 5K miles on a year, and sell in a couple years, what car will minimize how much I lose to depreciation?


I would love to go with the current equivalent of my 8th gen Si: new, reliable, fun, got a great deal on it, and minimal depreciation. The 9th gen Si just doesn't do it for me - without that frantic 8K redline, it's just not my thing. So, is there a current equivalent?