What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
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I happened to drive past this little used car dealership the other day and saw this gem sitting out front. The price is amazing for a Marauder, especially considering it’s a one-owner. But it’s got 227k miles on it. I know when speaking in general terms of the Panther platform, that’s nothing. My ‘97 Vic LX has 243k and I’ve only had to worry about general wear items. But the Maruader is a “performance” version, so I don’t know how kindly they take to higher mileage. Carfax on it comes back clean. The only thing that worries me is that the last odometer reading that Carfax has was for 60k back in ‘06. It seems strange that Carfax hasn’t gotten an updated mileage on it in 11 years. My guess is the owner did any maintenance themselves, or took it some local mechanic. Would this be worth looking in to seriously?

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