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The GT86 has had damn all use in the last 6 months, due to house stuff getting in the way. It hasn’t been near a track (boo!) and has hardly even been on the road. So it’s taken me this long to rack up 1000km since I swapped out the 6 year old OEM Primacies for new PS4s.

However having tripped over that mark:

  • Average fuel consumption for the 1000km before the tire swap: 6.9l/100km (34.1 mp(US)g).
  • Average for the 1000km since: 7.6l/100km (30.9 mpg).

Both doing the same trip routine (80% freeway, 20% town, maybe 20% of the freeway time in stop-go traffic), and measured by the trip computer.


So exactly 10% worse fuel consumption from the PS4s.

Big improvement in wet grip though - the Primacies were getting lethal towards the end.

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