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After today’s ordeal, driving 30 miles to a store that wasn’t open, I continued my errands by heading down to Costco and Walmart. To avoid traffic I took one long road that pretty much covers the entire county, driving way far south to go to where my prescription was, passing other Walmarts on the way.


I didn’t necessarily want my prescription to go to WM, but the nurse found that going there could save me a bundle compared to having to pay a ridiculous minimum at Walgreens. Due to my illness and the number of days I’ve had to take off from work, every penny counts and so I agreed to get the prescription there this one time. I also had an item to return, so I was going to WM anyway, so not really a big deal.

I had checked the return policy online before I went there; I’ve misplaced the receipt and didn’t want this to be an issue, but it was, even though the page I read said it wouldn’t be. They said I had to go back to the store where I bought it, the one I had passed earlier. Fuck me. It’s the same damn company, so why do I have to go through this hassle???


Already pissed off, I had to the pharmacy to get the prescription I reluctantly had them fill. Guess what - they’re out of stock on my medication. I didn’t bother to call, figuring that nobody would answer or I’d be sent to the wrong department; my expectations of WM are incredibly low, yet they manage to disappoint me time and time again.

I have never liked this company and only go there reluctantly. Years ago I inherited some WM stock and sold it and bought some other stock with that money because I didn’t want to be associated with them, even if that meant that my portfolio didn’t do as well as it would have with the WM stock.


Now, on my remaining day off I need to go to two Walmart stores 20 miles apart  when I would have preferred just to stay at home. I can't go after work because, even though they may be open 24 hours, the pharmacy and customer service are not open during the hours I can go there. Did I happen to mention that I hate this company?..

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