Lowering expectations

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I was hoping to push it to 200,000 but I’ll take 175,000.

Breaking this thing down makes me want another OBS Ford.

Purchased in 2014 for $800 at 133,xxx.

One set of used 31x10.50 tires/wheels. $200

Rebuild of front suspension. Including spring towers, springs and shocks. $350ish (I lost a few receipts here.) I’ll call it $400.


Replace rear transmission seal and trans to transfer case gasket. $35

New brakes, metal lines and master cylinder. $150

New battery. $65

New radio. $55

(I’m not including fluids, filters, wiper blades, any labor or duct tape and spray paint.)


$1705 is totally acceptable for 40,000 or so miles of reliable service.

I’m going to buy Crusty’s replacement this week. (With a little luck) Hopefully it will be at least half as good.


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