Well as some of you might know last summer I LS swapped my 1986 Monte Carlo SS. I was finally able to get it on a chassis dyno.

Engine specs are as follows

  • “120k” mi 2004 LQ4 6.0L V8 long block with 317 heads with 9.4-1 CR
  • Used LS3 Camshaft -204/211 degrees, .551/ .525 lift - 117 deg LSA
  • LS3 “Blue” valve springs
  • Trailblazer SS intake manifold with factory 30lb injectors
  • G-Plus eBay 92mm Throttle Body
  • Fuel injection controlled by a Microsquirt ECU
  • Speed Engineering G-body LS Swap headers
  • Exhaust is some cobbled together garbage with thrush turbo mufflers

This is bolted to a rebuilt Turbo Hydra-matic 200-4r with a TCI Master Racing Overhaul kit and 2200 stall converter, converted unlocked. Driveshaft is stock, rear end is upgraded with a Torsen T-2 and 28 spline axles.

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It made 352 HP and 375 ft/lbs of torque or 262 KW and 508 Nm for you continental types as measured by a rather conservative Dynapack dyno. (for comparison on a mustang dyno Yamahog’s LS3 Camaro made 374hp/366tq)


Sure it’s not the 500 whp that everyone on the internet seems to claim after an LS swap, but hey I’m happy with it. By aftermarket standards that LS3 cam is a TINY LITTLE BABY CAM, and the exhaust is so restrictive that when I did a celebratory burnout, it blew off of the collector. New exhaust and a good cam should see 385-400 hp.

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