LS430 Diagnosis Opinion

On a scale of “Full of garbage” to “I only work on Chevy’s”, how off does this diagnosis sound:

Long story short, the LS430 has been quite the problem child, proving that service records mean nothing, and it just comes down to luck. The latest problem may be the fatal one: it was diagnosed as a spun rod bearing. Here is the thing though, nothing lines up to that diagnosis.

1. The starter was just changed, the mechanic that did it said some of the connectors looked brittle.


2. What happened: My dad left Dollar General and the VSC light flashed, then went away. About a mile later, the dash lights went wild, then it just completely died.

2. The mechanic says the piston hit a plug. That sounds more like the timing belt snapping, but still doesn’t line up with what happened. And maybe it’s different in interference engines, but from what I’ve gathered, spun bearings don’t usually mean piston munching.

4. The mechanic didn’t want to work on it.

All of this just sounds a bit off, am I wrong?

Update: The plug that was “smacked”. I’ve never seen one that wasn’t just destroyed.


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