Lucid Motors, formerly Atieva (I can see why they changed the name) have just released a teaser for their upcoming claimed 300-mile range electric sedan.

If the name Atieva sounds familiar, you’ve probably seen this leaked image From a month ago.


The final product (what you can make out from underneath the techy dazzle camo) looks quite good, although the saggy-diaper rear end is a little disappointing. It’s not like they’re hiding an exhaust system or anything. The D-pillar/rear window setup is reminiscent of the Renault Alpine concept, and the main impression I get from the front end is Kia Camaro.

I know what you’re thinking, and no, that’s not a hatch: just a very unorthodox trunk lid.

I doubt those mirrors (cameras) will make it into production.


Motors and stuff.


Rear seat looks like it will only sit two.


Screens and stuff.


Not immediately apparent what the lighting situation will be, but you can see the Camaro comparisons more clearly. It appears to have very little grille space, with the exceptions of a small intake along the lower fascia, and two cheek vents.

More info here.

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