Luckily I’m not Doug DeMuro because if I had to make a living by writing about the flaws of my car I’d starve to death.

About 2,500km (~1,500mi) I’ve daily driven the Bimmer so far in all kinds of winter weather without a single problem. I’m lying of course. A rear light bulb decided to fail on me. Those were two long days of car ownership agony until I finally changed the bulb in a five minutes repair marathon of misery. The horror, the horror...

It shifted fridges around, brought a kitten home (that leaked worse than a Roadkill project car), was abused by friends who never revved an engine beyond 3500rpm before and endured my terrible singing without suddenly pulling into uncoming traffic to end it all. What a sport!

Oh, and it hit the rev limiter. In fifth gear. While running indicated 210kph (130mph). Still.

I’m also ready for the summer. A friend of mine had older tires and faded BMW Styling 2 rims lying around and I bought them for little money. They’re pretty rad, aren’t they? (Not my car/picture),


No, of course not! Yet at the moment it doesn’t make any sense to waste money on wheels which are worth more than my car. This is especially true since I have to divide my limited funds. I’m planning a trip to Norway in the summer and I need to know that my Boat will be able to handle the mechanical abuse. Someday though...(Sadly not my car/pic as well)


So first things first. A few days ago I left the Boat at a shop which was recommended to me to get a full service.

(“Behave or I take your license plates off and leave you here!”)

It was the first in years since the previous owner was probably spending his entire car budget on dreadful blue windscreen wipers. Style is way more important than clotty break fluid, right?


After exchanging all the fluids, spark plugs, filters, belts and a broken tensioning lever the jury came in and gave their verdict: There were no nasty surprises and Das Boot is somewhat fine, everybody!

The mechanic was particularly impressed with the engine. 250,000km (155,000mi) and it’s as dry as Matt Farrah’s elbows - love you, Matt!. ;-)


After weeks of nervously listening for weird noises and expecting the smell of something burning every moment I’m starting to relax a bit. Norway all the way! (Not my pic - yet!)

I still owe you the comprehensive list of things that are still wrong with my car though. This however has to wait a little longer. Who wants to see a video review about it so Matt can make fun of my awful combination skin?