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Lucky find

So I made a side trip on my way from a job site to the office to take a photo of a movie theater for the #oppohunt, and as I headed back to my car (in the background above this stunner) I saw another target for the hunt, and a very nice car, as well.

The owner was sitting on a park bench having a socially distanced visit with a buddy on a facing bench. He was very happy for my interest in the car, and explained to me that it is a 1998 911 S, but because it was in the last run of 500 air-cooled 993s, they had run out of regular bodies and so it got a turbo body. He said it is the only 911 S that is slower than a regular 911, due to the bodywork, if I heard him correctly. “Arena Red” beauty.

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Photo: Me

For those in the Hunt, I chose to tag this as air-cooled rather than rear-engine, since I had to choose. I can either get a VW bus or a modern 911 for rear-engine, I think.


What a pleasant surprise it was to see this, regardless of the Oppo Hunt!

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