So my car was in a garage for almost two months again. But she’s back, and better than ever!

I went out for a fire road drive today, and took some pics.

I did a few things myself, which is why it took so long, and then took it to a professional for some other stuff.

What’s been done:

first I did some rust repair, some surface rust had come through on the rocker panels in the last two years, so I stripped it back and treated it with POR15.

Next the I replaced speedometer cable, this was quick and easy, still took 3 hours. I also replaced the front shifter linkage bushings with delren bushings, they made a huge difference.


I also replaced the old hoses for the washer sprayer, they had dryed up and cracked. And did some maintenance stuff, an oil change, new spark plugs.

But the two big projects were the front suspension and turbo rebuild.

The turbo was leaking oil, on the exhaust and intake side. And when I took everything apart I found cracks in the exhaust manifold and, the turbine/wastegate housing. Thankfully, my cousin sent me a 2g DSM manifold he had laying around, and I found a new 14b Turbo on CL, and it turned out the new one had a ported exhaust housing! Rebuilding the turbo was actually pretty simple. I did have to a take it back apart a few times when I saw a part and though “wait that should already be on...”


The car had a clunk, and a steering wheel shudder at highway speeds. So the lower control arm bushings, and sway bar end links needed to be replaced. I did The balljoints too since the LCAs were coming off anyway. This was all a learning experience since I’d never used a ball joint, or bushing press. But we got it all done.

After that I took it to a shop to have a new Exedy clutch intalled and a new flex pipe welded in. that wasn’t cheap, 625 bucks all said and done, but man is it worth it. The first time I drove the car I stalled 3 times on the way home because I was so used to a warn out old clutch.

The car pulls stronger. Doesn’t burn oil, or run rich. Doesn’t shake at highway speed, sounds great. And the cruise control even works now! I’ve fallen in love with the car all over again, and I’ll be driving t to LSPR in on the 21st to join its rally brethren. Here’s some more pics from today’s outing.



Also got a new sticker from Cardrugs


Things that still need to be doen are, changing the rear diff fluid, a rear wheel bearing, and finishing my aluminum skid plate, and eventually coilovers! I’m keeping stock ride birthright tho, or maybe a bit taller.