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Luggage Racks

On vintage British cars look just right. Especially with the proper hard sided luggage.


And in all honestly is a very pretty affair to behold. So I thought well I want to GT the F-Type roadster, but more space may be needed... so what would luggage rack options look like on that?

Bad color combo and eww
Still really bad
And almost useless

Well it turns out that they look awful! Oh my gawd that is bad. Plus because of the height on the trunk you loose all rear visibility, not that you need to look behind you when you are winning....

You could get this odd luggage or Jaguar’s own luggage set, but my guess that would only fit totally in the coupe.


You could have custom fit luggage made, but that is expensive.

I guess just duffle bags and cramming shit in every nook and cranny is your only option.

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