ith a spicy finish. Here’s one of the 4 Wahoo!s I’ve ever seen (including my own) as a safety image.

Instagram is the worst thing to happen to car culture. Now all you need to be a car person is some plasti-dip, a mid-level trim 4cyl compact, 15 @ stickers from your “crew”, and some girl with a lip piercing that you’re banging behind her boyfriend’s back (he’s the one with the 2008 Civic Si with 189k miles that he owes money on). Call me a purist, but I feel like you should have more than a baseline knowledge of buy-here-pay-here lot darlings to be a car person. If that means that less people want to be car people, then good. You shouldn’t dilute the brand.


That said, donut’s up to speed videos are the best car videos out there.