The benefits of having CAD at work, playing around with potential garage layouts!

After a couple recent unexpected medical bills (all is well now), my plan of buying an acreage with a large garage/shop is likely getting pushed back a bit, but I’ve really been wanting to get started on my 1950 F3. So over lunch break I decided to mock up a garage to see if I could find a way to squeeze in the truck along with all of my other junk.

Where it gets difficult is that I have a lot of stuff, some of it can live in the shed (3 wheelers), some if it can’t (motorcycles, workbench etc.), plus I don’t want to kick my wife out of the garage, and become that person who has a big garage, but parks everything outside.

The list of everything that I would need to fit is as follows;

Truck (1950 F3), wife’s car (05 Escape), Motorcycle 1 (‘06 Warrior), Motorcycle 2 (82 XJ750), dog kennel area/entryway/shoe platform (4'x10'), workbench, toolboxes, storage cabinet, gardening shelf, air compressor, misc stuff (jacks, ladders, shovels etc).


With the above layout things would be tight, but it just might work. Not quite everything is shown, but a lot of the rest can be hung on the walls or up on shelves. I do have a motorcycle workbench, and a 3rd motorcycle that would have to go, either away completely, or back in the shed. 

What do you think OPPO, should I try to get it in there, or should I just be patient and wait until I have a bigger space?