I just walked down to check on the Allroad. Its all done with the exception of an alignment. While walking back to the office I started wondering what I could put in there for a new engine. Note: it does not need a new engine this is just for fun

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Of course the Oppoboner thought was the V10 from the R8 but I think thats about as likely as the delta wing not getting destroyed in a race. I also thought it would be cool to do a dual or quad electric setup but that’s not a weekend project either.

Realistically, the easiest thing to do would be something that already exists. I know the Allroad also came with a V8 option but I dont think that was ever mated to the 6 sp. however that was the setup for the S6. I’m not sure if they were the same parts but that seems like it would be a easy(er) swap. What would OPPO do. No LS’s.


behold the likely outcome of an Allorad Electric engine bay:

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