Took this 2008 C6 auto Vette on a cruise today for lunch. It was a nice car, and its at a great price ($20k with 98k miles) but it just came across as disappointing to me. I can’t really put my finger on it, but it lacks the joy that I expected coming from my Miata. The dual mode exhaust sounded orgasmic and it did a right good job of getting up to highway speed, but a car that’s only fun when accelerating in a straight line is a very easy way to collect points on your license. Also the automatic was awful. I expected better from a halo car, but in auto mode it would take an eternity to kick down and only dropped one gear at a time, and the manual mode would straight up refuse to shift some of the time. Maybe if a cheap manual C5 comes around in blue I’ll join the Legion Of Old Dudes In Corvettes, but until then I will joyfully put a sizeable car payments worth of money each month into my 25 year old shitbox Miata.