First post on Oppo.

I've been dreaming of the day where buying another 240-280Z would be a reality. No more school for a few years and I have a solid DD. Hopefully, within the year, I'll have started on my project car. Unfortunately, I had to sell my old '78 280Z a few years back after I rebuilt and restored it in high school and then beat it to hell in college within 5 years.


No car that I've driven has come close to replicating that true feel of the road. I've driven much faster cars, but honestly none of them felt nearly as quick.

Since it won't be my DD this time around, it's gonna be done right. L28ET swap and boost with all the goodies to put the power to the ground. Still gonna paint it copper (paint code 301), but going to add a grey trimmed G-nose and fender flares like the first picture. Probably will put some Konig Rewinds on it as well.

I don't know whether my Dad spoiled me when I was young by taking that turn just a little too fast in our 280Z or what, but I've got a deep appreciation and love for these cars. The design has transcended generations and it's still a great option for relatively inexpensive hooning, just as it started.


Anybody swapped engines into the first gen Zs or got one to show off?

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