I hate notification spam on my phone. If an app ever pushes me some kind of random spam notification for a deal, or the NBC Sports app once again turns notifications about goddamn soccer back on after the app updates itself, I get pissed. Now Lyft is making me pissed.

A while back, after all of Uber’s corporate shenanigans, I decided I’d try Lyft instead. Lesser of two evils, blah blah blah. I don’t use any of these services very often. But lately I started getting spam notifications from Lyft for random promos.

Many apps let you turn off some but not all of their notifications, so I tried to find that in the Lyft settings. But Lyft has no notification settings in the app. There’s a notifications section, but this just displays all the same deals the app has been spamming me with.

I tried to figure out if maybe there was something I was missing, and started googling for answers. Lyft’s twitter account repeatedly tells people if they want to disable notifications, to do so through the Android notifications settings.


There were a bunch of replies to this tweet, and the official Lyft response was “we will forward this feedback to our team for future consideration.” Seeing as they’ve been saying that for at least a couple years now, I’m pretty sure they have already considered the feedback, and don’t want to give users the ability to turn off deal notifications.

Goddammit Lyft, I only use your service every once in a long while because I usually drive myself around in my car that I own! I want your app to lay dormant on my phone and then work properly without me having to remember to go into the Android notifications settings to temporarily re-enable notifications that I blocked to avoid your shitty notification spam.


Come on Lyft, don’t make me have to resort to this bullshit: