Lying through my goddamn teeth.

I'm writing a fake cover letter for a writing class. In this alternate history, it's been ten years since I've graduated college.

In that span, I've worked for Honda, McLaren, and then McLaren-Honda. I helped the 2015 Civic Type-R meet Euro-5 targets. I cured the P1 supercar of its nasty habits of snapping camshafts at high speeds. With my help the F1 team managed to stop the 2019 car from eating turbochargers during off-season development. We not only won the 2019 Racing Car of the Year, we also took home four consecutive World Constructors' Championships.


So after being forced to resign because of a hilarious accident involving Murray Walker, the Goodwood circuit, and a McLaren F1, I'm applying to be Engine Project Manager for Ferrari.

On one hand, I'm impressed at my ability to lie. On the other hand I'm a bit sad that my real life won't be this awesome.

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