Let me start by saying that I'm typically a skeptic, and I don't fall for these crazy "tinfoil hat" theories, also i am an novice moon guy, though I do know a lot about science and stuff. That having been said, I've been watching lots of YouTube videos and I'm convinced 100% that the governments of the world have been lying to us about the moon.

Let me start with a question: why haven't we gone back to the moon? I mean, divers visit sunken ships over and over again, we keep going back to Mt. Everest...why not the moon?

The truth is that the government doesn't want you to know that they HAVE and DO go back to the moon. And why? The answer is obvious: To race cars.

Now I know what you are thinking: "Why?"

And my simple answer is: Terrestrial oil. The moon is a perfect place to setup a racing program to test out new technologies that you can't do on earth. ²H, You can't do that here on earth, Big oil is just too powerful. But on the moon? you bet!

But what proof is there? boom!


This is a mosaic of the Crater Copernicus, a landing site for the Apollo missions. Notice anything interesting? Take a closer look

THAT'S RIGHT! A racetrack! What NASA, did you not think we would notice?! Think about, Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe but the thick atmosphere prevents it from coming to earth, the moon doesn't have an atmosphere so its ripe with hydrogen in all of its rich isotopes. ²H is a clean abundant nuclear fuel that could supplant fossil fuels for good, but good luck getting that to happen here on earth, but on the moon? there is literally SO much free fuel that astronauts have be using it to race around their own private racetrack for years!


The Governments don't want you to know about this fuel because they get kickbacks from Big oil but I say its time to reveal the truth. Hooning on the moon, is such a thing possible? Yes it is.

Oh and don't go trying to look for this on your own, its a well known fact that the moons current surface is a hologram so you wont see it.