Modified my Volvo this weekend.

Oh, I wish it looked more like that. But it does have ONE thing in common with the one above:


Installation was easy, but I didn’t take any pics. I was in a hurry. I can assure you it’s quite rugged, as the whole frame bolts in behind the existing bumper, using the same holes and everything. It took me about an hour and I only broke one plastic clip - ironically, the only spot it’s not all back together properly is NOT where that broke. One little piece of the bumper cover isn’t flush and it’s driving me crazy.

Otherwise, I’m pleased with how subtle it is; the receiver is tucked away under the bumper cover and barely visible, without the ball on it. I won’t be towing anything huge, but it’s nice to be able to move my boat trailer with it (empty), or our log splitter, or, more immediately, a hitch mounted bike rack!

The kids’ bikes just don’t work with my roof rack, and I don’t like the one we have that attaches to the tailgate because a) it scratches the crap out of the tailgate and b) you can’t really open the tailgate with bikes on it.


Now I’m off to search for the other half, the rack itself. To the Craigslist!!

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