I didn't really do much today. Mostly because I came home sick from school. My dad did do a few things and once I took a nap and started feeling a bit better, I did some too.

First, we finally dealt with the battery dying by just getting a new battery. There was a bad cell in the old one. $170 later and I've got a fresh battery in the trunk. No more starting issue!

Then we changed the fog light bulbs. The fog light removal process is a bit strange, but once we got them out we learned one was Hella and the other was some other company. Swapped the bulbs, fixed the wires in one, and I now have really fucking bright fog lights. Those Sylvania SilverStar bulbs could substitute as a second sun.

We bought a code reader to see if we could clear the airbag light to no avail. We're just going to have to take it somewhere or something.


I also had to take it on a test drive to allow the code reader to read the whole system. Drove about 7 miles and oh my god the shocks are terrible. This thing rolls like the Safari in corners and little bumps feel like mountains. When I get on the gas the back end drops and front end lifts incredibly too much. We're ordering new ones some time this week.