This will be my first in a series of journal entries documenting the European Delivery process for my 2015 M235i. I plan to share with you all the details of how the process works leading up to the trip, everything about the trip itself, and then my opinions following re-delivery and once I have had some time to spend driving the car.


The M235i will be my fourth BMW, and will be used as my daily driver. I have previously owned a 2004 325Xi (the nightmare lemon), a 2006 330i, and currently own a 2011 335i Xdrive. I purchased the 335i Xdrive in November, because at the time I was unable to find a dealership willing to work with me on pricing for a M235i European delivery. I have actually been very happy with the 335, but the M235i is the car I had really wanted from the beginning, and I am now in a position to get it. Below is a picture of my 335.

The previous owner installed a Dinan Exhaust, Dinan Stage 2 tune, and BMW M3 CSL Rep Wheels.

M235i Specs

The build specs for the M235i are as follows:

  • Alpine White Exterior/Coral Red Interior
  • Manual Transmission (The only way this car should be ordered IMHO)
  • Technology Package
  • Cold Weather Package
  • Drivers Assistance Package
  • BMW M Performance Kidney Grills
  • BMW M Performance Rocker Vinyl

It will look something like this:


Current Status

As of right now, my build has been submitted to BMW, and I am eagerly awaiting their approval for my travel dates. With European Delivery, you pick up at BMW Welt, which is BMW’s Museum/Plant/Disney World for Bimmerphiles. They have to coordinate the travel dates with all the people intending to pick up their cars, because you take delivery while there and someone has to be available to walk you through the car. I should hear back within the week, and will post an update as soon as I do.

I want to open this thread up as an Ask Me Anything, so feel free to go ahead and post your questions, BMW related or not. I’d also love to hear if any other Opponauts have done European delivery or visited the Welt. I’m very excited to share my experiences with all of you!